Friday, September 12, 2008

Typing from School

Woohoo! Sorry I've disapeared from the internet for... uh... a month. I'm typing from school. HELLO WORLD!!! I'll be back! Sometime between now and infinity. But still, go away for now. I'll do advertising when I finish my big surprise... thing. *evil laughter*

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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Ding dong
goes the bell
I'm not feeling
very well.
Thuse the lack
for posts.


Sunday, June 29, 2008

Animal Testing is Cruel

Animal testing is unethical and cruel to the animals. Animals feel too! When people use animal testing, they are torturing the animals with experiments often times unnecessary and hurtful to the animal being tested.

Some argue that animal testing does have its place - that even such tests that seem to have no reason but to torture the animal, do have a reason, and do improve science.

But what science is it to strap a monkey to a board, cut its back open without anesthetics, and sever out it's nerve endings (as done in the Silversprings case)? Both arms are paralyzed, and directly after this painful surgery, the monkey is then forced into a small cage. It can not pick up it's meager amount of food, and must slowly shuffle forward and lean their head down like a bird to eat with their rotten and infected teeth. The monkey is paralyzed, and forced to live with it's deadened limb. Many of these test subjects go crazy, and tear the fingers of the paralyzed limbs in the jagged metal of their cage doors. They are hurt, infected, hungry, paralyzed, and otherwise sick. Out of at least 20 monkeys in this experiment, almost all of them died.

Is that science?

Rabbits are tied up and nail polish and other cosmetic products are applied to their eyes to test if putting cosmetics in your eyes will hurt your eyes.

Is that science?

Monkeys are force fed drain cleaner, which burn away their insides of a pipe, to see if consuming drain cleaner will burn away your insides.

Is that science?

Cats are shot in the head to prove that being shot in the head impairs breathing.

Is that science?

Rats are put in a giant tub of water and drown to test if male or female rats can stay afloat longer.

Is that science?

Who cares what rat can stay afloat longer! What is the practical use of knowing which gender rat is more "floaty"? Is there a small difference? Do you have a good reason for doing this seemingly stupid and cruel experiment? If you do, then test it on HUMANS. Humans can swim, and humans can have lifeguards to pull them out if anything happens. But then again, you shouldn't, because you really have no scientific reasons to test this, other than for your amusement on seeing small rats flailing around in the water.

And why prove something that is already proven with COMMON SENSE? If you ♥♥♥♥♥ any living creature in the head, it will most likely die. And dieing tends to impair everything. Including breathing. If you apply chemicals to your eyes, or eat acidic, corroding drain cleaner, that's used to burn/melt away all the junk in the drains, then by common sense you'll know that eating this stuff probably isn't a good idea. Just put, "do not eat" on the label anyways, because even without testing, you should keep this toxic stuff away from younger kids. These tests are just crazy. You may as well slap yourself to see if slapping yourself hurts.

These "testing facilities" are more like concentration camps for animals. What exactly did that animal do to THEM, that gives them the right to hurt all these animals? For the Silversprings case, I'm not even entirely sure what was being tested. Brain maps? Reflexes? Death rate?

And often times these tests are even inaccurate. Sometimes things that apply to other animals do not apply to humans. For example, when people found toxic mold/dust spores sent in the mail, scientist decided to test to see if they really were toxic and harmful. They had animals inhale them, but found that you needed a very large amount to do any harm. Unfortunately, these spores have a much different - much deadlier - effect on humans.

These tests are unnecessary, cruel, and unethical. This is science, and science needs logic an reasoning. Does it make sense that shooting something in the head will hurt it's breathing? Does it make sense that swallowing drain cleaning will hurt your insides? And who cares about rats floating in water? Why even do these useless experiments?

In conclusion... say NO to Animal Testing!

Fun Friday: Visting McDonald HeadQuarters

A few days before, I saw Kong-Fu Panda. It was fun.

But yesterday was really fun. The morning wasn't that great though: I spent some time posting around BTT for a while, then my mom dragged me and my twin brothers to the car for a long drive to my dad's office. She's a really bad driver, so while we were turning, she stopped in the middle of the road and tried to merge in. Anyway, she drove 20 below the speed limit the whole way. Eventually our dad left work, met us about 1/2 a mile from his office (my mom drove there and stopped, and wouldn't keep going on the excuse that she would get lost), and we followed him to McDonalds headquarters.

Yes, you heard me right, McDonalds headquarters! My dad works at McDonalds (no, he is not the guy that works at the counter and says "and would you like fries with that?). He works there as a computer guy, making programs and works with statistics. So it's like, "There are alot of kids here. We should build a playground at this McDonald, to attract kid costumers and their parents".

The McDonald headquarters is actually amazing! It's also very modern. It's inside a forested area, surrounded by trees. You'd think you were going into an arboretum if not for the little signs that had pointed to places that definitely are not in an arboretum, such as "Hamburger University"* The tiles are all natural and rock looking, but the roads are paved and stuff.

So we went inside, and everywhere on the walls there were funky paintings and sculptures - everything from glass stacked together and carved into a face, to a paper mache thing of this guy juggling hamburgers. The person at the receptionist desk gave us free Kong-Fu Panda happy meal toys - we got PrayMantis and TyLung (the evil leopord tiger wolf guy).

They were having Earth Friendly Friday, so there were no cups and you have to bring your own reusable one. We got drinks at the free... fountain... thing... whatever, then went and visited my dads "cubicle", which was on a really high floor. So high that if i looked over the railing and down, I got scared.

It's a really big cubicle with wood... cube edges... and it can fit 4 people - one at each corner. The people sitting at the other side were architects, and we got to see their designs. They weren't there though, because they already went home (almost nobody was there, although there was this scientist/doctor type person in a white doctory/scientisty coat, who does experiments on the food, who was looking at charts on her computer). We still got to see their designs, which were posted up on walls, and 3D models and CAD (computer aided design) drawings.

Afterward, we went downstairs and went to the McDonald
inside the McDonald headquarters. Since there was nobody their, the food was all fresh and hot from the... grease... oil... uh, freshly cooked. They have electronic ordering - like electronic checkout with the touchscreen and you scan your own items, only at a McDonald. We ordered and they brought the food to our table, and we at and watched TV at the same time. I had a premium chicken... sandwich.. thing...


Then we went back to the office, and we got a map to this waterpark we've been to before. So we drove there, splashed around. It was raining, but not lightning-ing, so we stayed but the water was extra cold. My younger brothers started shivering, and the youngest sat out most of the time. I watched him for a while. It wasn't really big, but the place had a waterslide, a "lazy river", regular swimming pool with some kids water slides, and a small water playground type thing.

Then afterward we went to a gas station and bought a bottle of 7UP, then went to a Chinese restaurant, which was really popular with great food. My favorite was this really spicy shrimp.

Later we left, went back to the McDonalds office thing, and my dad got his car (we had both cars there and drove the bigger one to the waterpark, came back to get the car dad went to work in). Then we went home.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Blog Died.

I was trying to keep the blog alive, but it's kinda dead right now...

Any suggestions?

In other news, Deenor my pokeplushie online adoptable fake pet thing died. I put it in a grave. *sob* We will miss you greatly Deenor. *sniff*

I'm writing a story called... well, it's called "An Untitled Story" (which is also the name of a computer game). It's a fictional story, that's very strange.

I'm also writing a short story so I can enter it into this contest at, for 20 tween-cha-cha, their "currency". It's actually not evenough to buy any "tweenie" stuff (virtual items), but whatever...

I'm learning morse code and how to play soccer. Which reminds me! I was going to look up soccer rules online, and I still need to learn the rest of those letters in morse code.

Thursday, June 26, 2008


Sigh. I'm totally lost. What should I post? Summer is very unexciting... sigh.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Another Personality Test

I really need to stop visiting the INTJ forums.

Anyway, I found a new personality test (are you bored yet with all of these?) This one is different though, because instead of little checkboxes and whatnot, they use flash sliders and charts and stuff. But never mind that:

I am... a... *drum roll*... a...

Actually I want to be a scientist/inventor/president/artist/writer/environmentalist/teacher. But I don't think that's an option in this test.

And other traits, all wrapped up in this little... color coded thingy! (hover your mouse over it to see what each color stands for)

In other news, I think that since I haven't been posting I've lost an audience. So I will get my audience back through annoying advertising and using my blog as my signature for emails and forums and everything else.